In addition to our community youth support, the GFPPA assists officers on issues related to wages, hours and working conditions. The GFPPA also assists members and their families in sickness, distress and death, and strives to improve social relations and welfare among the members. The GFPPA consists of all confirmed officers within the GFPD, including the Chief of Police.

The GFPPA meets once a month to discuss business and current affairs affecting the association and the City of Great Falls. The association consists of five Executive Board Officers and its general members. The GFPPA executive board consists of the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Past President. The executive board runs the day to day operations of the association and works closely with GFPD Administration on a variety of topics.

The GFPPA has essentially two bank accounts, a donation account and our member dues account; these two accounts are completely separate. The donation account is the money that the community donates to support our local youth organizations. Every penny donated to the GFPPA goes back into the community. No overhead costs come from this account.

The member account is what we use for our day to day activity expenses. Each month, our members pay dues and these dues go into an account for our members. Please see the GFPPA Benefits page for further description of the services our monthly dues provide to the members of the GFPPA.